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Doctor Who trashing the TARDIS, Clara alone, useless UNIT – Death in Heaven


Watching Doctor Who I found it all a bit disturbing. Not frightening in the 'horror' sense but disturbing.

Was this my natural reaction to death being a subject we dont talk about in the round? Was it this idea of almost resurrection being brought into the script?

Perhaps the most disturbing thing was it felt like the Who spin-off Torchwood. The was dark, morbid, and somewhat depressing. The scheduling was quite inappropriate too. Directly after this use of the dead walking was the festival of remembrance honouring the dead of wars past. I am not even sure if the story worked either as I didn't understand why the Master would assume the Doctor would take on the role as messianic leader of the cybermen.

Can we some science fiction led by plot and story rather than shock value please?

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