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"Network can help develop rural economies..." said by a person that' probably never been to a third world country and understands the obstacles.

I've lived in some of the more remote areas of rural South Africa - which is many rungs up the ladder from other third world nations. My sister still runs health clinics there, paying for everything herself.

Programs like providing tractors to help plough fields fail, because nobody can service tractors, fix stuff,... Within a year ot two all the tractors are buggered. Lots of money spent and the only accomplishment is a bunch of rich donors feeling good that they did "something".

When you don't have even the basics like water covered, fancy stuff like twitter access is pretty low down on the list of useful tech.

Where's the BOFHery going to come from? If you can afford to send them a BOFH etc, then it would make a lot more sense to send them a few rolls of PVC pipe instead so they can get water going.

Really, really, basic stuff changes these people's lives, not fancy shiny stuff.

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