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So, in a case of mistaken identity, you get arrested for something that you didn't do (let's say kidnapping children, because we all love to think of the children). You're innocent but children went missing so your name is everywhere because the media loves a good story. You're released without charge but, deary me, your name is now associated with kidnapping children whenever we search for you. Sure there'll be links to you being released without charge, but they're waaay down that search listing because that's not really very interesting compared to you being a child abductor so ranking algorithms will do their thing on the original story. Result 1 in every search: OmgTheyLetMePostInTheUK arrested for child abduction.

But that's ok, because we have a right to know about your "mis-doings". I mean, if you didn't do things that got your name into the news or into a database, then you wouldn't have had to worry about having your name show up in a google search. It's that simple.

I should point out that I'm against making google or any search engine filter out results - I think that's better tackled by the websites hosting the content - but your contention that because someone was caught up in something automatically means that they did it and it should be linked to them forever is somewhat facile.

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