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Their first conclusion upon looking at the tapes was that the feather mechanism was unlocked but not deployed.

Thats not a final conclusion for a crash investigation. Thats only a first step. It explains the direct, immediate start of the events that led to the in flight breakup. It does not explain the cause. The cause is the reason WHY the pilot did what he did. If a procudure involving the pilot performing that action is correct, clear and beyond interpretation. An air crash investigation means finding the ultimate root cause beyond the mechanical bits and the "he did that". It looks to find the reason and the procedure that led to the mechanical bit or the "he did that" and then aims to prevent them.

Heck, even a simple "well that was stupid of me" moment I had a while back took a 2 hour form filling session and leads to several hours of investigation from the civil aviation authorities. (I didn't lock the canopy of my glider properly, it opened in flight and nearly killed me)

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