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Google's 'Right to be forgotten' roadshow is just a 'distraction' – EU digital rights group

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Yeah and copyright holders (especially smaller ones, like podcasts) always complain that their content is being unjustly taken down on YouTube or that they are putting adverts in and around their content for the "copyright owners", which are fly-by-night bumbandits, usually in South America (based on the reports I've heard)... So that works well.

And that is the problem, the material may have been correct when published (and is public record, so can't be changed or removed), but it is no longer relevant. E.g. arrested for a crime, found not guilty, so being arrested shouldn't be the first result when looking for my name...

And the other thing is, it is only removing the links when using a specific name in the search string. All other searches, not using that name, would still return the links.

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