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Google's 'Right to be forgotten' roadshow is just a 'distraction' – EU digital rights group

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@big_D I would imagine most of the copyright take downs are handled automatically where as these right to be forgotten requests are (currently) handled manually.

I think this whole right to be forgotten mess has to be looked at through the perspective of the future not the past which is what our law makers seem to be doing. The data genie is well and truly out of the bottle and there is no way we are going to get it back in. We can de-list date on Google but what happens when SonOfGoogle the magic decentralized million node search engine comes along? Will we issue a million take down requests?

Short of making it illegal to host this perfectly valid and correct material the data will still be out there and you can bet your bottom dollar someone will figure a way to index it within the law.

I think the only vaguely workable solution is education, teach people to look at the information with a critical eye and make a judgement on whether it's still valid today. Good luck with that though, eduction seems to be particularly poor at teaching people how to think for themselves.

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