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I had a string of Palm-based smartphones from Kyocera, Samsung & Palm years before Nokia released anything looking even remotely like a smartphone. Never mind Compaq's Ipaq phones, which existed even before then and were among the first smartphones built around an ARM core.

IRC, I got my first smartphone circa 2001. It was a Palm-based Kyocera 6035 with a dialpad that flipped up over the screen. Used that phone for years, it was a great phone. That was released six years before the N95.... Still have it around somewhere, along with my SO's Samsung i500 Palm phone (also way before the N95)

And Ericsson introduced a smartphone in 1999, the R380 (which actually is possibly the first smartphone, at least the first thing labeled as such). They also made the P800, a phone I lusted after, with Sony in 2001.

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