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"There is no way you can get to $150B market value without earning money."

And the truth is, contrast Microsoft in the Ballmer era with Amazon.

Microsoft used a few cash cows to generate profit, with a few tweaks to keep 'new' versions selling, while Amazon constantly churns its cash into growth and new revenue sources.

Microsoft had Windows, Outlook, and Word, Amazon sold books.

Today Amazon sells damn near everything, and has a cloud service that the competition is racing to keep up with, and growing rapidly.

Microsoft still has Windows, Outlook, and Word, and losing ground rapidly.

True, they've started other projects recently, but all are 'Me too!' projects in a 'throw'em at the wall and see what sticks, we've got billions' attempts to chase taillights of everyone else making a profit.

I'm no fan of Amazon, but they're busy building company value, while Microsoft is busy chasing profits with an ever increasingly irrelevant portfolio.

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