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"I couldn't give a damn if someone is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Hetrosexual, white, black, coloured, male, female, disabled, non-disabled or what ever label people feel the need to apply to someone as long as they are not a complete ars*h0le and they do their job to a minimum standard"

Two items:

1) Disabilities cost more to accommodate. They may limit what a person can do or increase the costs of them being able to do so. Employer and employee need to be aware of these limits and costs. Surprises lead to anger, and that's bad for everyone.

2) Transgender individuals can cause a bit of a fracas around "what bathroom they use". This could be due to transphobia of other staff, union/muni/province/federal laws or simply an out-of-date corporate bylaw system. It is best to do the research to ensure both employer and employee know the rules and have in place a means of dealing with complaints.

So some care has to be given to the individual's differentiation from others. We are not interchangeable blocks.

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