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"now he's officially out you may find use of the term 'Fruity Firm' comes with unfortunate implications"

...why? Is "fruity" actually considered perjorative? I thought it was one of those terms that the gay community had "owned". At least, the few gay friends I have make "fruit" jokes all the time, refer to company that cater to gays as "fruity" and love riffing on Apple as the "fruit" factory on about 12 different levels of meta.

I never can keep up with what terms are supposed to be offensive these days. It seems as soon as we collectively settle on either a slang term or an official term for a given group someone cries "that's offensive" and we have to go make up a new term.

The latest one to bite me being that apparently we can't refer to "people descended from those individuals who violently came across the land bridge in the {at least second} migration, murdered most of the peoples from the first migration (excepting the Innu) and populated the Americas" as "Natives" or "Native Canadians". It must be "First Nations", otherwise it's offensive. And then someone else spoke up and said "no! First Nations is offensive, we should be..."

I didn't hear the rest, it all devolved into shouting.

Does anyone know of an official list of current politically correct terms for various demographics, preferably with a per-country, or even per-administrative-region breakdown so that we can keep track of this all?


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