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I understand the sentiment behind this and many other posts here, but the fact is that it *is* news. I agree that it's got nothing to do with his abilities to run a business, and whatever he does behind closed doors is his business. But many people don't agree, and it's still seen as abnormal behaviour. Imagine a scenario where Tim Cook walks into a theatre with his arm around his wife. Then imagine he walks into a theatre with his arm around his boyfriend. Which one gets flashed around the world?

He has to come out publicly so that he can go into that theatre with his partner. It's newsworthy because it's still so rare in more 'macho' walks of life like sport and CEOs. It's also not an easy thing to do, but it serves as an inspiration to others.

If hearing this story isn't interesting for you, fine. But it will continue to be interesting to the press until there are so many Tim Cooks that it's irrelevant. This Tim Cook has added one more to the list. He should be applauded for it.

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