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Well, storage is actually gonna be a bit of a pain on cheaper 10G switches.... and NIC's (Actually - side note, our 10G NICs are probably 3x to 4x the cost of the ports they connect to)

If you're using something older that's got poor buffers (Or poor buffering architecture!), media change and store-and-forward, you're gonna have a bad time with drops in your network, specifically around SAN and storage (Since they can pump out bits quite fast for the cost)

In general, when the network tends towards melt-down the effects are more widespread than a single server going down, which is why I'm always careful in purchasing. An under performing network also is SUPER costly to re-provision (As is the staff to make it happen).

These are the reasons that I'm quite hesitant to go down the route of junkboxing. Even whiteboxing does not make sense at small scale (Since it's back to the engineer cost for setting up/maintaining/developing them exceeds the cost of the network at small scale).

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