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ok, sure, for 10gbps ports in high capacity environments you probably need leading edge shiny but that's a pretty damn specific use compared to what (I think) the article is getting at

10gbps retail pricing for the rest of us in normal IT land is pretty prohibitive and the storage speed has been demanding something faster than gigabit since SSDs hit the scene. I imagine gig port switches with 10gbps uplinks (to a fast server or two) are starting to become popular on the secondhand scene. You might be surprised how much <12 months old kit is around on these secondhand/ex-lease stores if you haven't looked already.

There's going to be a huge disparity in networking performance vs storage performance even down in consumer land over the next 18 months as SATAexpress (and whatever that other PCIe storage standard is called) start to become commonplace. I see that pushing more and more people into the ex-lease purchasing market whether it's a better idea or not, it's not like most people's IT budgets are increasing to allow them to get away with retail purchases when something secondhand will suffice.

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