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Apple CEO Tim Cook: My well-known gayness is 'a gift from God'


Yeah, I thought that. Who's proud of their sexuality? "I'm proud to be straight/gay/bisexual" kind of suggests you consider it to be superior to the others, rather than simply different, which is not quite what "Equality" movements are about.

There are lots of things he can be proud of:

- Proud that he is part of a society in which he can openly live his chosen lifestyle without being beaten up, chemically castrated or removed from his position as CEO of a business

- Proud that he has overcome any misgivings and fears over "officially" coming out

- Proud of those around him who have accepted it without question

But proud of being gay? Not really.

I'm proud of you Tim. Not for being gay, but for being sufficiently comfortable with yourself to be open and honest about it. Or I would be, if I could muster myself up enough to care about which way people swing in this day and age.

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