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I read the article again, and I still see my points as valid.

Quick maths to show:

40x10G switch @ 1,500 GBP -> 37,5GBP /port.

I'm currently looking at about 100GBP/10G port. Granted it's about 2.5x the price, but it's a) new, b) under warrenty, c) having features actively developed, d) not going to die of old age/degrading soldering/degrading components and e) has support costs included.

Also, my power draw is about 5w/port. We cannot calculate what the actual power draw is - but on older kit, I would wager it's quite higher, which will end up costing more in the long run in a DC (Where power IS a premium).

Lastly, my docs are current, and the amount of engineer hours spent on each device is minimal (I've got many devices in my network I've never had to login to - auto provision, monitoring in place, work flawlessly - the kind of features you dont find on older kit).

So I'd respectfully ask you to re-read my original comment and try follow my logic of breaking down pricing into per-unit.

For sure I'll give you that server/computer related stuff - totally makes sense to do down that route. I'm just not convinced on the networking side.

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