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second French online photo website (at the time)

In 2005, as they sold out later:

- Linux firewall managing filtering, dmz and vpn sessions for home office users, replacing a horribly expensive yearly licenced Nokia device. My firewall was a 1999 era celeron 450mhz.

Webserver : 1 x4u grey box running Win2k, and the cheapest hardware raid enabled mobo, 2 gig ram and (eeeek) IIS and (ouch) ColdFusion....

- same grey box (upcycled dev server / fileserver boxen from 2001), same config, faster cpu though, running SQL Server.

- Photo storage: 2 x 2 tb D3 boxes (4x500 gb in the box), linked to the webserver with a 20 quid PCI FireWire card, 1 live, tge second would replicate with a dos script I wrote that ran at 3 am. A third 1 gb box was in the colo rack as a cold spare.

A final cheap machine was installed in 2007 with a core 2 duo 2.7 ghz and 2 gb preinstalled with iis and SQL server with a nightly dumped database reinstalled as a global hotspare.

The most expensive part was the monthly colo rental...

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