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The fact that VAT is already levied on Internet access isn't a bar to further taxation... think of motor fuel... Which comprises Item cost + (specific duty ) Fuel Duty + (General Duty) VAT. A lot of people forget we pay tax based on a value that includes a tax already included.

When it comes to helping themselves to our incomes Governments will always find ways to grab more and ways to justify it - except where restraint would affect their standard of living of course. Dont think it couldn't happen here - especially where we have a government that has recently found a way to ensure any vehicle sold mid month attracts a double licence fee for that month as you can lo longer sell a car with a licence included, and the system will show a vehicle as untaxed once the DVLA have been notified of a sale unless licenced by its new owner immediately - from the beginning of the current month of course.

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