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"... news of anything potentially damaging to the power of the big 3 (or 4) brands gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside."

That's going to be a lot of their problem when things get sticky. They've spent so many years stitching up consumers by delivering poor network service, infinitely poorer customer service, shoddy tactics and 'gotcha' pricing on anything they can, that most people will enjoy dancing on their graves - even if they realise that their demise may not in the end be beneficial in any number of ways. I can't think of many industries other than the music businesses who have tried so hard for so long to alienate their customers.

Data on non phone devices has hardly moved the last few years and is just stuck at 'expensive and inflexible', and the appeal of being able to walk away from a network provider is obvious when there's a decent chance they won't deliver anyway. For a lot of consumers, delivering a swift kick to the networks soft bits while doing so will just ice the cake.

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