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>>>>>If Apple uses soft sims in it's phones, then the MNOs wlil stop subsidising them (why subsidise a product which might not use your network and you can't guarantee will bring you profit).

>>Not necessarily. If the soft-sim still allows for the device to be network locked, as current iOS software does, there is no change to the operators experience.

Fair point, but defeats the point of a soft-sim. What happens if you can unlock the sim via software?

>>>>If the MNOs stop subsidising Apple phones, then customers will have to buy them at full price (£600+), probably direct from Apple.

>>Devices in the Apple store are already unsubsidised, and they have the highest sales per square footage of anyone.

Some punters currently buy unlocked at Apple stores, but I suggest (with no stats to back it up) that many more are bought subsidised on contracts. I think there are lots of buyers out there that can afford £30 a month contracts, but can't afford to splash out £600 in one go.

P.S. I never said my Crystal ball was infallible...

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