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How iPad’s soft SIM lets Apple pit carriers AGAINST each other

David Paul Morgan

I'm still surprised...

... that Apple, Microsoft and Google have not already bought out their own GSM networks.

For a soft SIM to be really useful, it must be fully open and, yes, let the service providers compete fairly and in a more open way.

The changing size of SIM cards is already restricting users flexibility - I don't have particularly fat fingers, but have you tried swapping micro- and nano- SIMs from one handset to another?

Plus, I previously found having a dual mini-SIM android handset really useful - one for me, one for work, so I would hope that any 'logical' SIM 'address' would allow you to have your main number/services AND your secondary/work service, with sensible seperation of services, address books etc.

The SIM card having your contact numbers used to be useful, until address books became better - and now in the cloud, so why not get rid of the 'card' itself. The GSM organisation MUST make sure that no single vendor exploits this unfairly.

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