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How iPad’s soft SIM lets Apple pit carriers AGAINST each other

frank ly

Explanations please?

"The humble SIM has enabled mobile operators to assert control over important areas which were not initially in their kingdom, such as security, Wi-Fi access (via EAP-SIM authentication) "

The three Android phones that I've owned have all happily connected to Wi-Fi with no SIM card in the phone; in which case they become small Android tablets. How is it different if I have a SIM in the phone? Have I misunderstood something there or is this only about the iPhone?

"... for a technology which enables SIM cards to switch identity automatically ..."

Is this actually a 'technology' or is it just a set of protocols and behaviours that anybody 'skilled in the art' could have thought up and something we could have had years ago if the telcos had been willing to work and cooperate with each other?

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