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Internet tax


I am hungarian. Internet tax is bad. We have many more tax formula and now impossiblepaying all.

The tax base of 27%.

The monthly earnings $596. This is very very bad. There are very few.

Everything I come across online.

TV ( IP ) , Telephone ( IP ) and it will be a month 14000.- ft. ( $58 )

+ Mobilephone 10000 / m. ( $42 /m )

+ Electric bill : 13000.- ft. / m ( $53 /m )

+ Gas heating bill: 22000.- Ft /m ( $90 /m )

+ House installment: 60000.- Ft /m ( $246 /m )

+ Monthly gasoline: 25000.- ft /m ( $102 /m )

And I did not even food ...

This may think. In the size of the corruption that has been unthinkable weak. The election was a big fraud.

I hope today will be the demonstration started today is the result.

The following year, my mother and my brother and I are moving out of Canada forever.

In Hungary, only to die of starvation, unfortunately ...

This is the real situation of Hungary. All from Viktor Orbán is lie!

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