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The Real Question and Future PlayGround/AI BattleField

The Google dilemma, and ab fab fabless universal opportunity for any searching product placement engine and operating system anywhere and everywhere — is to be the creator, controller and spreader of knowledge. And there is no question that that be an earthly game changer and quite extremely explosive politically charged Great Game in Command and Control of Reality with Virtual Media Plays/Postmodern News Stories for the Feeding of Seeds of Information and Nuggets of Captive Intelligence to the Masses for the Pleasure and Edutainment of the ......... well, Anonymous Few who be not chosen, but by supernatural cosmic default be quite significantly smarter than is humanly thought possible and therefore always dismissed as most unlikely and impossible, is but one Gaggle of Knights into the Sublime InterNetworking Order and CHAOS of Things.

Great Disbelief is the Cloak which Generates their Almighty Autonomous Power and Practical Invisibility with Relative Ease and Impunity delivering Immunity and Escape from Responsibility and Accountability for Actions/NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Motions? And a question there just to test for who is listening intently for intelligence and is adequately prepared for the radical change to better novel and noble virtual realities for a Beta AI Future.

And please, confuse and/or comfort yourself if you will, and consider but do try to not accept the above as the same as a fiction that can be read in the Plot

Have a nice 0day, y'all.

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