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Remember the Aereo streaming TV service? Wasn't it COOL? Well, it's pretty much dead now

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I can't receive Broadcast where I live!

I live at the bottom of a large hill and I as well as many residents here in my town have a difficult time getting Broadcast TV because all the stations (except Canada) transmitters are blocked by the hill.

Cable TV is my only option as satellite is blocked by the same hill or the multitude of trees and there is no fiber here. How is Aereo causing an issue for Broadcast here?

Aereo or some other streaming service would be great except buying subscriptions to EVERY streaming service (HULU, Netflix, etc etc.) would end up being as costly as the crap I have with Time Warner once you figure in the cost of Internet needed to access the streams.

SOMEONE (Do you hear me FCC?) needs to competently regulate the various transfer mediums and each of the vendors so there is competition in EACH market, even against Broadcast or Cable.

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