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I suspect you are right, Drone 7-of-whatever (it's probably not 9 I guess?)

PCs are dead. Ok, we're still kicking the corpse, but anything other than a cheap laptop doesn't sell any more unless you're an iMac-hipster needing to impress the girlfriend. So 'fat' Office is dead too I guess.

Tabs and Xboxes are toys until there is a compelling form-factor that out-lasts the current (yet dying) excitement that is the iPad/pod/slate/surface/slab. Both are seen as 'entertainment' devices meaning they are plugging the use cases for the sofa and home cinema/gaming.

For Microsoft to be diversified across all of these clearly isn't working and I see the cuts in the rot continuing. Now, becoming a main-line cloud player - that's different. Azure and cloud growth has gone from 'cool' to mainline and the growth figures are stupendous.

Re-imagining the dev and infra platforms for Windows (that is agnostic to the client) is a winning bet I think. The numbers hint at it at the very least.

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