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Microsoft and Dell’s cloud in a box: Instant Azure for the data centre

Trevor_Pott Gold badge

You are wrong. The public cloud is not about being cheaper. It's about being easier, especially for those who don't want people saying "no" to them. This leads to problems.

Ah, but then, you're the sniveling coward who can't think outside of Microsoft's marketing messaging and isn't man enough to post under their own name. I'm sure we'll soon get a completely unverifiable assertion about your self importance in order to back up how much you "know it all to be true", followed by a comparison of Azure to what amounts to VCE for an on-premises deployment, and a bunch of waffle about the manpower cost when you have to run a team of 50 just to light up one rack, oh woe is the enterprise space and all those millions of VMs you support.

Yup. Move along, little doe-eyed brainwashed marketing puppet. The rest of us actually run the numbers.

Now, next, you'll tell me that Microsoft's Cost Estimation Tool for Windows Azure was perfectly justified in telling me that I should expect to pay $2,379,343.52 per month to support the IT of a small business in the cloud, before bandwidth is factored in.

This would be a small business that has an annual income of $5,000,000. Oh, and that I've managed to run successfully on less than $200k for hardware, software, bandwidth and staffing for the past eleven fucking years.

And yet, apparently, $2M a month is cheaper. Of course it is. Because Microsoft says so. Because the cloud. The cloud wants one hundred and twenty times (120x!!!!) the amount of money to run, doesn't include backups, disaster recovery or bandwidth for that price, and has the added "benefit" of putting all my customer data in the hands of the NSA and placing me in violation of various local privacy laws for doing so.

But it's unquestionably cheaper, and Trevor Pott is just a stupid Mirosoft-hating moron who can't understand this simple fact.

Well, I'm glad we cleared that right the fuck up. Cheers for beers, Microsoft marketing chap. In fact, here's one for you now -->

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