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DVLA website GOES TITSUP on day paper car tax discs retire

roger stillick

Bewildered in the USA, but Smiling...

After reading thru 3 pages of comments, I get it... there is a tax on gas guzzlers for every day they are on the road 'In Their Entire Life'.

Way to go !! wish we had this here in the USA (our 'gas guzzler' tax is added on,only once by the car manufactuer, at time of origional new vehicle sale) the USA ideal car is now a 350hp full-time 4wd Crossover SUV that has the gas mileage of a 3/4 ton V8 HD crew-cab pickup truck...and all is well with the American Driving public (we have cheap, road-taxed, gas).

caveiat= this has been noted by American TV car shows that conclude the crew-cab PU is the better buy for a passenger hauling highway vehicle...RS.

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