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EU Competition chief: So what if I didn't tame Google? You're all 'irrational' anyway


More Anti-Google Nonsense from the Freetards at El Reg

So now US elected Officials are the standard for ethics and morals in this world?

Give me a effin' break.

The anti-Google hate is strong on this site. All the freetards are upset because a business chooses to make money (go figure).

Let's examine what some of these 'charges' against Google - To not allow autocomplete to prevent any suggestions of illegal activities. HOOO-kay, freetards. That sounds like the man is trying to limit your access to free speech. Are we going to allow people to search for what they want or are we going to curb that. ANd what and whom is going to determine what a suggestion of 'illegal activity' is? Sounds like a slippery slope freetards... You sure you want to go down it?

What about some of the EU's issues. Not promoting others services above it's own. Hmmm.... So mercedes should advertise for Toyota in it's vehicles, commercials and brochures? Or maybe ever shop should be forced to advertise for their comp;etitiors and suggest their services before their own. Mind you, google carries all their competitors services, the competition just whines because it wants to be ranked first (even though most of the 'competition' that has complained are just crummy spam sites that link to nothing relevant).

Freetards want everything free and to pay nothing in return. Long live the Freetards @ El Reg. Down with Google!!

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