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Euro Commission drags Belgium to court over telco regulator's independence


Rules are for the peasantry, not the self-anointed bosses.


You dared to challenge the Supreme Legitimacy (That Which May Not Be Questioned) of the Euro-Gods (Against Whom One May Not Blaspheme) in this Euro-arse-licking forum? And got only one down-vote?

You must be patient, and know thy place, Euro-Pleb. Those on here who have been blessed with 'seeing the Euro-Light' will enlighten you. They will sell you a copy of Democracy Is For Dummies, and help you to understand that these Wondrous All Nobly Knowing Euro RepresentativeS must be obeyed without question if you want to sponge a huge grant for some pointless, idiotic project.

Or you could emigrate to NZ as I did. Now I can once again vote for those who make my laws. And hold them to account. And their books are properly audited. And behold, it is good.

The weather is better too. And I no longer have to walk past obnoxious, patronising posters on the school walls instructing my children to give thanks to the beneficent EU for their daily milk - at best a tenuous, extraordinarily convoluted travesty of the truth, at worst a naked political brainwashing lie.

What with that and the EU's political logo plastered over all the roads, bridges and huge floodlit roundabouts on empty back-country goat tracks where I lived, I thought I had died and gone to North Korea.

A bunch of corrupt, unelected has-been politicians ordering a sovereign country into their personal, politicised kangaroo court for failing to instantly obey their direct orders? And not a shot fired? You couldn't make it up. Putin must be green with envy.

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