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The main reason for the implementation of the ribbon is to make an interface that once the majority of people get used to, have a lot of trouble changing platforms. It is mostly about locking people in.

The ribbon does not rely on a hierarchy of categories that you can navigate and interpret logically, instead it relies on a combination of spatial+muscle memory, ideal for people accustomed to treat computers like an old VCR, a TV or a toaster.

Follows the paradigm that if you want to make an interface easy, just add a dedicated button for each function. (Works only for <= 15 buttons)


1) Is MS patent encumbered, if you implement it on your OS you can be sued.

2) Fixes the problem of the floating toolbars (a problem created by MS in the first place)

3) People have difficulties changing product if they get used to it.

So it is win win win... Windows!

I'm actually more worried about the industry reliance and assumption that you will use a computer running windows to set infrastructure up, and that a MS ecosystem is mandatory in every office to do absolutely anything.

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