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That really only matters for difficult to reach places. For a typical bulb in a lamp, or fixture in a normal height ceiling you'd have to be atrociously lazy to consider saving a few replacements a year to be worth it.

Until fairly recently it was pretty hard to argue that alternative bulbs saved money on the basis of having to replace incandescent more often. Maybe it was true for you, but I've not had the experience with CFLs you have! What did save money was power - but only on bulbs used frequently. As bulbs I frequently used burned out, I replaced them, first with CFLs (which had little or no improvement in lifetime for me, and an annoying delay in turning on) and now with LEDs. Knowing I'll save money on energy, and hoping that it lasts long enough to make up for at least some of the difference in cost.

When a bulb I almost never use burns out, like say the bulb in the hall closet, I replace it with an incandescent because they're cheapest. There's no energy savings on a bulb that's lit maybe 20 minutes a year, and I probably won't live long enough, let alone live at the same house long enough, to make up the difference in cost through avoiding future replacements.

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