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"The thing's aren't even all that deadly...." If I were confronted by someone wielding one I'd most definitely not be thinking that.

"....Or dependable....." Hmmm, depends on the builder, the care given to the weapon and the situation. Personally, direct-action spewing hot gases into the mechanism (phnarr) does not appeal compared to a proper piston-operated action (phnarr again). Having said that, fifty-odd years of development have made the basic AR-15/M-16 family pretty dependable.

"....Or durable...." Again, depends. A bolt-action rifle has massively fewer parts, moving or otherwise, yet I have seen those fail and break. A poor workman blames his tools, but an even poorer one misuses them.

"....They're suitable for one thing and one thing only: paper targets....." TBH, the most commonly owned firearms I have seen in the States (my experience being limited mainly to the Southern States) are derivatives of the Colt 1911 .45 pistol, which is pretty useless for anything other than short range shooting and home-defence, and too big for effective concealed carry. You can at least go hunting and shoot varmints and medium game with an AR-15, but it's hard to claim the same with a 1911 clone.

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