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Nothing wrong with his share sales

They were arranged back in March. He sold much larger amounts in previous months - he'd had sales arranged in the first or second week or every month except the months in which they reported quarterly results (quiet periods where insider sales/purchases are not allowed)

Further, most of the shares he was selling came from option exercises or grants from the company, they were new shares he was selling, not shares he'd held for a long time. The sale the day before Apple's announcement was just a coincidence, he couldn't have known what day that would be scheduled for back in March! The amount of shares he sold on September 8th was pretty small as well - around 4% of the total he'd sold in the previous six months.

All of this is public record, you can look it up on Yahoo Finance, etc. This is Jasper Hamill being Jasper Hamill and trying to make Apple and anything connected with them look bad. Sour grapes since his "peak Apple" narrative fell apart.

If you want to see insider corruption in a large company, look no further than Samsung. You have everything there, family members suing each other for billions, investigations by their own government into Mafia style corruption, etc.

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