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It wasn't adding it to the whole moon, when the super-dense 'chicken' moved away from directly under the base gravity totally disappeared.


What counts is the centre of gravity. If the creature stayed within the bounds of the moon then the centre of gravity would also stay within the moon. The base gravity wouldn't disappear when the creature shifted all that would happen is that the gravitational attraction rather than being straight down would be at some angle to the vertical. The vertical component of gravitational attraction within the base might be slightly reduced but certainly wouldn't disappear. And as far as the earth was concerned the change in the moon's centre of gravity wouldn't matter much. With Newtonian physics you would still model the earth-moon system as if all the mass of each body was concentrated at the centre of gravity and it wouldn't make much difference whether the moon's centre of gravity was at the dead centre of the moon or a little bit off to one side.


Lots of things reproduce asexually that is hardly unusual. The new egg is just a shell that then accumulates mass from direct energy conversion over time.


Except the moon hadn't been putting on mass over time it had suddenly put on mass since the gravitational effect on earth was a rapid change rather than something people had had time to adapt to over millenia. Converting sunlight falling on the moon into matter using m = e /c^2 wouldn't produce anything like enough mass over such a timescale.

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