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Why is it that Microsoft gets stick for releasing a beta of Windows containing debug and diagnostic code that is necessarily privacy unfriendly (and which they have gone out of their way not to hide - they've clearly documented the fact)?

Would you rather the Microsoft didn't do a public beta, and risk having serious problems with the final version of Windows 10? Public betas don't get rid of all bugs but, done properly, they can help. And it seems to me that Microsoft really does want this to be the best Windows ever.

If you have a problem with beta software, if you don't want to pay the pre-release price, then don't install it - install Windows 7 instead*.

The really weird thing is that I'd be prepared to bet that at least 90% of commentards here have a Facebook account and use it everyday - without once considering the very real security and privacy implications. But (ug) Facebook okay. Me like Facebook. It free. It haz pikchurz ov Fluffeh Kittehz, Me like Google. It free. (grawh) Me hate Microsoft. Me hate Apple. Them makez me pay moneh. Them bad. My brane hurtz.

*or <insert release version of an OS of your choice>.

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