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I've not done programming for a very long time, but I know that when I did, and I was trying to fix bugs, I was putting all sorts of error trapping and logging all over the place just so I could see exactly what is going on in there.

All Microsoft is doing here is inviting people to join in that testing.

The word 'beta' has been misused over time and people assume it means "Pretty much a finished and perfect product, we just don't want to take any flack if anything goes wrong".

Anyone downloading Windows 10 (and I'm not one of them) needs to know that it will be faulty, Microsoft knows it will be faulty and so they need to have things in place to monitor the faults.

By all means rip them a second bum-hole if Windows 10 does this post release, but expecting Microsoft to be able to fix bugs from simple emails saying "It doesn't work" means Windows 10 won't be ready until Clinton has finished her second term in office.

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