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Having never heard of a programme as explicitly set out as the present one I suspect that the user feed back on the ribbon was based on a more select, (in other words biased) sample of those who were in the know. A small sample of queries raised by users about the things they needed was in all likelihood rolled into a wish list. That was then rolled into a 'we must do it a new way list'. That was then proved in focus groups (Steven Jay Sinofsky's nearest and dearest?) and inflicted on the rest of the world.

When beta testing win8 I don't think I ever found the 'official way' to shut down. I might have tried several different approaches including trying *.bat files on the desktop and Alt F4, but the one the worked best was the big silver button (your mileage may vary) on the front of the machine. Unlike hunting and pecking with the mouse the silver button worked every time.

They have been honest, said they will collect data and hopefully avoid the dumb stupid errors of the past and advised you NOT to do mission critical work on the test machine as you may be copied, lose files, etc. Seriously those are very clear almost harsh disclaimers and advice. Anyone who cannot read, does not care or plain ignores the risks does not earn much sympathy from me.

I would still like to try the new product as Win8 was a total disaster for me with all the devices that it did not support. However, it would be on a non-live rig but otherwise still connected to my network - when I was happy to run it that way and once I have a suitable stand-alone PC.

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