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Doctor Who becomes an illogical, unscientific, silly soap opera in Kill The Moon


This review shows a greater misunderstanding of humanity and science that any episode of Dr Who ever has. A few pointers:

Re: "no-astronauts-and-no-spaceships", in the real world we last put a human on the moon in 1972 and yes of course we still have the rockets and facilities available to go back there at short notice - not!

Re: "DIDN’T SHOW THEM HOW TO PRIME THE NUKES" - Eh? Where did that come from? It was a simple switch as Henry was told - not exactly rocket science.

Re: 1.3 billion tons, yep, but this was the creature itself, when it moved away from directly under the base the kid floated up. The rest of the moon was just an empty shell.

Re: Gained weight? Well I'd expect a creature that lives in the voids of space itself to accumulate mass from energy rather than anything mundane like eating matter. Basic science tip matter = energy.

Re: Mass gain is not enough to affect earth - this is plain rubbish. An extra 1.3 billion tons in a lunar orbit would certainly have an effect.

Re: Blowing it to bits would be pointless - nope, blowing it to bits would stop any further increase in weight and allow systems to settle back into regular cycles.

And those are just a few of the simplest answers I can come up with in 2 minutes to the apparently unanswerable questions the reviewer and others have raised here. They may not be right but calling something rubbish simply because you don't understand someone else's reasoning is far, far worse.

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