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"Basic rule of firearms safety - identify your target."

Its also required by law. There is a lot of misunderstanding of US self-defense law. Its not as lax as most people think.

In order to claim self-defense, you have to demonstrate:

1) Innocence (you are not committing a crime and you are not the aggressor)

2) Imminence (you or family about to be attacked NOW)

3) Proportionality (the response is justified by the threat)

3) Avoidance (a few states require the self defender to retreat - most do not)

4) Reasonableness (are the self-defender's judgements reasonable)

The state must only prove one of these 4 to be false to defeat a self-defence claim.

Shooting an unidentified intruder through a door fails (2) and (3)....

(Pistorius would likely be convicted in the US. )

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