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The Finals are in for last week

Off-Topic I know, so sue me. Finals are in for "The Caretaker" - 6.82 million. Average Final figures for the series so far 7.43 million, making it the least watched series of Doctor Who since 2005 (next least-watched is Series 6 with 7.52 million).


28% of those viewers are already watching up to a week later (which is why the overnights have dropped), so it's possible that even more are watching on iPlayer, which isn't counted in BARB figures. So Who could be doing even better than we imagine. Oh and the AI so far for "Moon" is 82, the same as "Listen", "Deep Breath" and "Robot". So yer average viewer doesn't particularly think this story was any worse than the other three.

Does anyone know if downloading to a SKY box from Iplayer counts in BARB ratings or not?

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