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The less a TV programme wastes time being constrained by things like canon, continuity and scientific "accuracy", the more it allows itslelf to stimulate the imagination of it's viewers (though since most of Science is based on consensus and accepted theory rather than cast iron fact, perhaps we should says "scientific opinion" instead).

The original Star Trek series rarely bothered with accuracy or continuity and was entertaining because of it, while later shows in the franchise more and more fell back on technobabble to avoid running aground on the reefs of canon.

I watch the CBBC series "Wolfblood" with my daughter. Whenever a character transforms, the wolf is obviously unclothed, but there is no pile of clothing on the ground, and when they change back again...they are clothed once more. This is never explained or even addressed in the show, but it obviously doesn't matter to the viewers who just get on with watching an entertaining and enjoyable series.

Doctor Who often sacrifices consistency to tell a fun story, and only gets bogged down when it tries to retain consistency with science and it's past ("Temporal Grace" anyone? "Isomorphic Controls"?), and it's often at it's best when it simply doesn't bother about the accuracy.

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