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Doctor Who becomes an illogical, unscientific, silly soap opera in Kill The Moon

lee harvey osmond


Yes it was a clunker. So what? DW's commitment to real science has always been a bit shaky, even from day 1.

Real science? Courtney says she has a book in her bag with describing something about gravity; Commander Whatsherface dismissed this with "Great, does it have a word search?"

More real science: Courtney kills a spider-thing with a kitchen cleaner spray, and the Doctor rattles through a brief lecture about nuclear biology involving the word 'eukaryotic', then rapidly assesses and reassesses who present is expected to understand this.

Speaking of day 1:

any minute now, the TARDIS crew is going to be one irascible old git (played by an actor best known for a previous role that involved shouting at people) with occasional flashes of humour, plus a teenage girl, plus two of her schoolteachers. From Coal Hill School. Sound familiar?

I'll bet Courtney Woods is going to start calling him Grandad next.

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