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When Doctor Who portrays either an alien race or travel to the far future, it often puts us into the situation where we (and the characters we are watching) are encountering scientific processes and principles that are completely out of our experience. Yes you can do a back of the envelope calculation on how much energy the Moon would require to increase it's mass (and therefore it's gravity), using E=MC². You can even use a calculator and get it more accurate. But you're still only using a 21st Century theory to explain an alien concept that may not even apply. Imagine a 19th Century physicist (Madame Vastra if you will, to keep it in the Whoniverse) watching a modern TV programme about an astronaut who had travelled from Earth to Alpha Centauri in 5 years but only aged 3. Within the realm of 19th Century scientific knowledge, they would consider it fictitious, unscientific twaddle. Yet with the hindsight of Special Relativity we find it perfectly acceptable.

Stone statues that don't move when you look at them, but can displace you in time and space simply by touching you? Where's the scientific rationale for that? Our best theories at present are that travel into the past would use unimaginable amounts of energy, plus some form of exotic matter, and is probably impossible anyway. So why are the Weeping Angels attempting to gain energy to "feast off of" by using a process that already uses phenomenal amounts of energy anyway? How do they get that energy if they're starving scavengers?

What about the TARDIS itself? The outside of the object is finite, while the inside is infinite. And it travels in Time. OK it gets the incredible energy to do that from an exploding/imploding star...which it is connected And what about Captain Jack and River Song, jumping back and forth in time using a small device strapped to their wrists? According to our 21st Century science, a Vortex Manipulator can't even exist, and yet I don't see fans pulling an episode to pieces every time Jack or River uses one. If technicians in the 51st Century can pack the power of a TARDIS into something small enough to sit on your arm, why does the Doctor even need a TARDIS? Hell, why haven't UNIT reverse-engineered the Vortex Manipulator they have to completely solve the entire 21st Century's energy problems?

We already accept so many outlandish concepts in Doctor Who that completely defy explanation by our present day scientific understanding (neither the TARDIS nor the Weeping Angels are remotely plausible in that respect), but the idea of the Moon being some form of egg that gains energy in a way that we can't explain is stupid?

Is it possibly because as a concept in a TV programme, things like Weeping Angels, TARDISes, Time Agents, etc are cool...and the moon hatching as an egg isn't?

I kind of remember hearing scuttling sounds from the spiders on the Moon's surface. Don't see anyone pointing out that sound can't travel in a vacuum. Plus why was Clara shouting at the Doctor to come back when her voice is being relayed by suit radio? It's not like the further away he gets, the more she has to speak up to be heard.

You see? You can pick holes in any of it if you're mean-spirited enough.

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