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Regenerating The Doctor

Doctor Who has always been abominable and I saw the first one as a kid already into Sci-fi.

What little I have seen of recent series (only had a Spanish TV for a week and lived here for years)

has been as laughable as it always has been, I know there is a certain Kitsch about it but often the shows are embarrassingly poor. Fortunately most actors have as little knowledge of the gemre as the writers appear to have.

Maybe the Beeb could try to get the likes of Peter Hamilton or Alastair Reynolds to write a series, they are both very British writers who undoubtedly have grown up with DW.

Add a slightly better budget for sets and effects and there could be a winner on it's way. The average BBC writer seems to have insufficient knowledge of how a toaster works never mind basic cosmology, planetology, physics, humanity or ordering a Big Mac.

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