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Pointless Reviews

TV Shows? Movies? What next? Theatre? X-Factor recaps? Secondary votes on who should be kicked out of "Strictly Come Dancing"?

For reviews of whats hot and whats not in the non IT world I go to Digital Spy. For Reviews of the Geeky media I go to Den of Geek. For intelligent discussion of IT related stories I visit El Reg.

The Reg's attempt to bring in these types of reviews, and I cannot work out if this Doctor Who review is meant to be funny or not, is failing badly. Please give it up. Stick to what you are VERY good at, don't spoil your credibility with really poor reviews of things other sites cover much better and have done for a long time. It's not about whether I agree or disagree with the writers opinions here, but the actual pieces themselves are just very very poor. If this was meant to be a 'joke' review (and I just cannot make up my mind about that) then please leave the comedy to Dabbsy, who does it MUCH better.

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