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Doctor Who becomes an illogical, unscientific, silly soap opera in Kill The Moon

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Moffat strikes again.....

Personally we were frustrated by 2 things - which made the rest of the episode nonsensical anyway.

1) The absolutely terrible CGI when they first stepped onto the moon was jarring and immediately took us out of the fantasy.

2) As soon as the power came back on in the mining colony, despite the fact they had not entered through any sort of airlock chamber, they were immediately able to take their helmets off and breathe oxygen - because apparently (although never explained) in the future we seem to of discovered a way to immediately fill a space with breathable air. Further, although the moon has gravity and that must be exactly the same level of gravity as on the earth, because there was no floating on the moon, nor being crushed - when there is a breach at the mining colony - suddenly things start flying towards the breach - despite the fact the pressure inside the colony must be the same as the pressure outside the colony - because there was never a need to pressurise or de-pressurise anything.......

How Moffat can destroy something the way he is with Doctor Who - while at same time create something as entertaining and full of real logic as Sherlock - is baffling.....

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