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Doctor Who becomes an illogical, unscientific, silly soap opera in Kill The Moon

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kill the moon

Not a bad story line, not a bad set, not bad horror creatures, though some gaping holes, including how do bacteria grow that big, how to they grow that big without any water, how does any living thing grow without water, and how the hell does a space chicken fly in space (I guess the same way a space whale swims), and how did it excrete a new moon? That must have hurt, how did the moon gain mass if nothing is created and nothing is lost and all is transformed according to Lavoisier, 1.3 billion tons is nothing ( the moon's mass is about 10 orders of magnitude bigger, we would probably not even notice the gravity difference on the moon, let alone on earth) and number one: why create a mining colony on the moon with no means of either bringing the crew back or even hauling back what was mined? It would have been a great cover story for somthing bigger but nothing came of it. A load of Mexicans went mining on the moon, never shipped anything back, never had the means of shipping anything back and was a one way trip by the look of things. No-one thought of this ? Its somthing that deserves revisiting but it'll probably get ignored.

I can understand the storyline of wanting the doctor to allow humanity to make their own decisions, but since the start of the episode he is being an ass. Once he mentioned that he never met anyone who was not important, now he does not give a damn and does not give a damn about not giving a damn. This is part of the story plan as Clara walks out on him about it. He may come back in a few episode's time to make amends in another vaguely interesting Moffatian story arc that is becoming the norm.

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