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The mouse isn't the best input device ever invented, (for that matter, neither is the keyboard, the commonest keyboard in use still has its keys laid out in order to constrain the users speed lest the mechanical parts of almost forgotten typewriters get jammed.

I learnt wordprocessors and spreadsheets on Worperfect and Lotus 123 on DOS, and recognised when Windows 3.11 came along the advantage of applications having the same basic menu layout and shortcut key organisation

Not that this has always been adhered to, some programs insist on breaking these conventions in some way or other (i.e VLC's use of Media instead of File, forcing me to Alt-M for the file menu rather than Alt-F, my learned habit, luckily they didn't change Ctrl-O, there are other examples, not least the crap peices of s/w that came with scanners/printers etc on windows over the years with non-standard dialogs and non-standard behaviour and no key shortcuts whatsoever... fumes.

And I do wish we could decide on Ctrl-q or Ctrl-w for close, I keep using Q on Gnome image viewer (which uses 'w'), so I'm constantly doing emacs like double keys, ctrl-q-ctrl-w every time.

I prefer key shortcuts over mouse, and touchpad over mouse for most things. In my expereince somebody who isn't familiar with at least the common key shortcuts is not someone to ask for advice on computer issues, 'cause if they haven't managed to learn the commonest key binds, they probably don't know enough to be of any help.

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