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"Microsoft's IIS recently become the most popular webserver by market share - largely because it has a consistent record for a good number of years now of much less likely to be successfully remotely hacked than most competing options."

OK, I'll bite. I've got five minutes so I'll go for the low hanging fruit.

Let's take a quick look at web server market share.

Looks like Apache and Nginx win here, putting IIS in third place:

But wait! For parked (unused) sites we may have a statistic:

Now the statement that this is simply because IIS has such a good track record now? I can't find any proof of that correlation anywhere. Active (i.e. actually used) websites paint quite a different picture though, so take whatever stats you like there.

It's also worth noting out of interest that for the top sites Apache is decreasing slowly but that slack seems to be taken up by Nginx. IIS has been slowly trending downwards there and doesn't show any signs of picking up.

Meanwhile a list of most reliable web hosts from the same site as above doesn't mention Windows at all:

Like anything in life, you can cherry pick any data you like and draw your own conclusions.

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