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"......In the UK it is not a right of subjects to have guns, free speech or anything else....." Rubbish. As long as your actions or speech are not in breach of the law you can say or do as you wish.

" cannot use a gun to defend your home (normally), whereas it is absolutely a right here in the US...." More rubbish. In the UK you have the right to both self-defence and the right to use force to prevent a crime. You cannot use 'home defence' as the justification on your firearms certificate application but - should you legally have weapons at home - you can use them in self-defence if it is legally appropriate and not excessive. Similarly, using the example above of the chap carrying his legal shotgun over his shoulder down the highstreet, should he happen upon a crime in progress he could be justified in loading up and shooting the criminal in question, provided the crime or potential harm from the crime makes the use of lethal force appropriate. If the crime is an unarmed shoplifter then it is not appropriate, it is excessive force. But if it is a wannabe Michael Ryan engaged in firing on members of the public then it would probably be judged appropriate, even if the shooter did not give warning to the Ryan wannabe and was not immediately threatened themselves, because of the immediate and deadly threat to others. The Tony Martin case confused a lot of people into thinking you could not use a legal firearm to defend yourself in the UK but Tony Martin was found in court not to have acted in self-defence and had an illegal weapon.

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